--- Comment #206 from Aryeh Gregor <> 2010-08-04 
17:14:25 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #205)
> That's because the Mediawiki parser still operates on the wrong level, and
> performs text subtitutions always without ingoring the context of use. Not 
> only
> this is bad, but this is also very inefficient, because each processing level
> is converting a fullpage to another fullpage that needs to be reparsed again 
> at
> the next level.

People have tried to fix this before, and failed miserably.  It is not
practical in the immediate future, if ever.  Everyone likes to say how great it
would be to write a "real" parser, but nobody ever seems interested in
producing working code that actually replicates the current parser to a good
enough level to maintain acceptable backward compatibility.  If you're
interested in that, please give it a try and get in touch with us when you have
a working implementation.  Otherwise, it's not worth discussing pointlessly yet

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