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(In reply to comment #1)
> Most likely, $wgBlockOpenProxies was set to true, but you thought it wasn't
> because you were reading the wrong LocalSettings.php file. Since you probably
> won't believe me about that, replacing proxy_tools.php with an empty
> (zero-byte) file would be another possible solution. Or you could delete the
> wfProxyCheck() call in EditPage.php.

I thought that might be it. It's just that my LocalSettings.php says nothing
about $wgBlockOpenProxies = true or anything like that.

I might have a workaround. Do you recommend removing $wgProxyKey and/or

How if I explicitly set $wgBlockOpenProxies = false?

I'll remember that: EditPage.php. Comment out the proxy-check call...yes, I'll
do that.

On our wiki, we do not permit anonymous editing. Everyone who wants to edit,
has to have a password-protected account with us. I see no need to worry about
proxies, or about spoofing. I don't care if they come in via a proxy--so long
as they authenticate themselves with us.

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