Summary: Change Article::isCountable() check method to more
                    flexible and reliable
           Product: MediaWiki
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Normal
         Component: General/Unknown

Good article is now defined (discounting the optional weird comma rule) by:

good article = page in ns 0 AND not redirect AND not dead end

However, Article::isCountable() does check for presence of literal '[[' in
source text, thus it also counts pages without links, but containing:
1) [[File:Foo]]
2) [[Category:Foo]]
3) <nowiki>[[</nowiki>
4) even <!-- [[ -->
and on the other hand it does not count any page which transcludes templates
which generate links (therefore the page is no longer dead end).

Because of that, lots of projects, namely Wikisources, Wiktionaries and
Wikibookses are "hacking" their wikitext sources by methods 2-4 described above
to have involved pages counted.

This method is completely useless because of two reasons: first is mentioned
above and second is, that there is no efficient way how to update counter by
running maintenance scripts which - if they want to follow the same method used
in Article::isCountable(), which they apparently should to keep the consistence
- would have to load texts.

So the method should purely rely on registered links. Thus it would be
comfortably re-checked (counters re-counted) anytime.

The second issue is the optional weird "comma rule". Like the previous method,
it relies on texts, however, unlike the previous method it's not replaceable by
any other possibility using other tables (such as pagelinks in previous case)
but always have to work with texts.

It has been discussed on random places several times that this method is even
more useless and less reliable then check for presence of links (because it's
possible to write quite long article without any comma at all as well as e.g.
article "Pi" saying only "3,14", not even speaking about languages which do not
use comma) and thus it should be removed completely (yay! another worthless and
useless config variable away!).

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