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The reply i got. I haven't looked further into this yet.

17-Jun-2010 11:58 PM DARIN MARSHALL :
Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue: 

This is visual confusion between the small rho (U+03C1) and rho symbol
(U+03F1), as opposed to capital RHO (U+03A1).  Looking at Times Roman sources,
the glyph for small letter rho is shaped like the model on the web for rho
symbol  Times does
not contain a cmap entry for rho symbol btw.

This is expected behavior for the design of Times Roman, which has been around
for 80 years. rho and rho symbol are the same letter. Some typefaces choose to
distinguish them by use of gothic versus cursive styling. In the case of the
font on the web, they use the gothic for small rho
( and the cursive
form for rho symbol

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