--- Comment #2 from Guillaume Paumier <> 2010-08-12 
16:59:01 UTC ---
Well, I do agree with this article as well (and many other articles from
useit's alertbox), and it seems to support the need for a cancel button:

« Offer a Cancel button when users may fear that they have committed to
something they want to avoid. Having an explicit way to Cancel provides an
extra feeling of safety that is not afforded by simply leaving.

Cancel is mainly useful for multi-step dialogs where the user has progressed
past one or more pages with actions. At this time, pressing the Back button
will not undo these actions and it would be better if the user would click
Cancel. »

This is exactly our case.

Users are going to upload one or several files and they may want to cancel the
upload if they feel they didn't understand the copyright terms right, for
example. Besides, our upload wizard is indeed a "multi-step dialog where the
user has progress past one of more pages with actions".

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