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--- Comment #6 from 2010-08-13 12:48:01 UTC ---
A reflist containing both a plain ref tag and a "#tag:" ref tag with a nested
ref tag in it works if the ref-in-a-ref is listed before the plain ref, and
doesn't work if the ref-in-a-ref is listed after the plain ref (demo here

This works:

text<ref name=n1 group=nested_first/>
text<ref name=n2 group=nested_first/>.

;Reflist, nested ref listed first:{{reflist|group=nested_first|refs=

{{#tag:ref|With nested reference<ref>content
of nested reference</ref>|name=n1|group=nested_first}}

<ref name=n2 group=nested_first>With no nested reference</ref>

;Nested refs:

This not:

text<ref name=n3 group=nested_second/>
text<ref name=n4 group=nested_second/>.

;Reflist, nested ref listed second:{{reflist|group=nested_second|refs=

<ref name=n3 group=nested_second>With no nested reference</ref>

{{#tag:ref|With nested reference<ref>content
of nested reference</ref>|name=n4|group=nested_second}}

;Nested refs:

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