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> if this is about color properties within the style attribute being
> interpreted as the start of an ordered list (on account of they both
> begin with "#") this is another duplicate of bug 12974.

No, its about every property. Of course it could help with the color problem if
the replace is executed before the rendering to lists, but bug 12974 is about
all functions that begin with "{{" and not only in the style attribute.

> > an regularExpression like that:
> > replace(/[\s\n\r\t]+, " "); //I'm not an expert
> you mean use this:

No, trim just does it in the beginning and end of a string. I would like to use for every whitespace
_in_ the string, between style properties and their values, wihin the values
and among the diverse properties.

> exposing trim as a parser-function wouldn't be a bad idea either.

You can already use {{#if:true|  <many blanks>   }}, and the returned value
(also works with ifeq, ifexpr and switch) is automatically trimmed.

> \s by itself means all the above, just so you know.

Thanks, Im never sure. Better to much than to less...

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