--- Comment #34 from Graham87 <> 2010-08-14 15:33:37 UTC ---
Hmmm, this is probably due to the facte that the rev_user field is non-zero for
each of the edits listed in those two links, and in fact is linked to the user
ID of the user who made the edit; this never happens in the English Wikipedia,
so these methods cannot be used there. The rev_user field shows the user ID of
the editor who made a particular edit; the equivalent field in the archive
table is ar_user. The user ID for an edit is always 0 for anonymous editors,
mass-imports and scripts; it isn't usually zero for normal registered users. If
the user ID given for an edit made by a registered user is 0, then the
"contribs" link won't show up for the user in the page history. This example
comes from a mistaken import, but it is illustrative:

No contribs are found for Ryan_Lackey (see top of bug report) in the API of the
English Wikipedia, because none of his edits have an associated non-zero user

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