--- Comment #20 from Daniel Kinzler <> 2010-08-17 15:31:56 
UTC ---
I finished XMLRC, an extension implementing this:
<>. I have set up a demo on the
toolserver (fed by polling the API). You can join it at using any jabber client. 

The human readable messages are similar to the ones send to the RC channels on
IRC, but there's extra XML payload in the messages, like this:

<message xmlns="jabber:client" to=""
         id="38" type="groupchat">
  <body>[[List of Knight's Cross recipients: Z]] ;rcid=389791968&amp;oldid=378714319&amp;title=List+of+Knight%27s+Cross+recipients%3A+Z
        MisterBee1966 * (+1203) /* Recipients */</body>
  <rc comment="/* Recipients */ " newlen="26554" rcid="389791968"
      pageid="8089657" title="List of Knight's Cross recipients: Z"
      timestamp="2010-08-13T14:08:49Z" wikiid="enwiki" 
      revid="378715833" old_revid="378714319" user="MisterBee1966"
      ns="0" type="edit" oldlen="25351">
    <tags />

The extension includes a demo client in python.

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