Summary: Batch Update via Profile function broken
           Product: CiviCRM
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Normal
         Component: General

See below from sma:

Hey Arthur,

I came upon an issue in CiviCRM regarding the Batch Update via Profile function
that allows you to update fields for multiple contacts at once. Here are the
steps that lead to the issue:

I do a search in CiviCRM and select some or all of the results. Then I go to
the drop-down menu and choose "Batch Update via Profile" and click "Go". The
issue arises on the next page, where it says "Select Profile". In the old
version of CiviCRM, the drop-down menu would have many of the profiles within
CiviCRM Profile that we could batch update, but in the new version, there's
only New Individual and Test.

I created Test myself playing around to see how I could get profiles to show up
in the menu, and what I found is that it only shows up if you're updating
individuals and the profile field is also "individual". If the profile field is
something else, like "contact", it won't appear in the batch update menu.

I Googled and asked around, and it seems that this is caused by a bug with the
Profile "Type" where the code that evaluates which profiles to show on the
drop-down is filtering a lot of them out (see links below). According to the
developers, the issue is fixed in 3.2.1 but I'm wondering if there's a quick,
convenient way to patch it for our version right now? Anyway, here are the
links to a forum thread and a bug report regarding the issue:

Thanks for looking into it!


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