Summary: $wgSelectCategoryRoot ignored on Special:Upload
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: any
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Normal
         Component: SelectCategory

I'm using SelectCategory with:

$wgSelectCategoryRoot = array(
    NS_MEDIA                => false, # NS_MEDIA = -2
    NS_MAIN                 => "Gartenbau",
    NS_TALK                 => false,
    NS_USER                 => false,
    NS_USER_TALK            => false,
    NS_PROJECT              => "Hortipendium",
    NS_PROJECT_TALK         => false,
    NS_IMAGE                => "Bilder",
    NS_IMAGE_TALK           => false,
    NS_MEDIAWIKI            => false,
    NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK       => false,
    NS_TEMPLATE             => false,
    NS_TEMPLATE_TALK        => false,
    NS_HELP                 => "Hortipendium",
    NS_HELP_TALK            => false,
    NS_CATEGORY             => false, # alle
    NS_CATEGORY_TALK        => false,
    NS_PORTAL               => "Portal",
    NS_PORTAL_TALK          => false,

This works on editing pages and images, but does not work when uploading images
on Special:Upload or, in my case, the german version of it (Spezial:Hochladen).
On the upload page, SelectCategory offers _all_ categories.

I'm using SelectCategory from SVN, 1.16 branch, r71217.

According to one of my users it worked before I updated Mediawiki from 1.15 to
1.16 (with SelectCategory from 1.15 branch, r66002). However, I don't see a
relevant code change in SelectCategory - maybe the behaviour of Mediawiki

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