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> (In reply to comment #13)
> > If it's possible, can this be backported to 1.16 ?
> No, we're not backporting new features.

Not sure what else is attached/involved to this extra variable, but it seems
more like a little bugfix to me.
Right now <= MW 1.16 installs spit out useless and/or illogical links. This
variable is a big yet simple improvement to that.

Take for example a self-hosted wiki with Wikimedia Commons as FileRepo with
local uploads enabled for sysops. Currently produces a link to the local
uploadpage (which shows "sysop-only"-message) or, if  wgUploadNavigationUrl is
set (which is meant for "navigation"-link in the sidebar) to
""; will give a link that is
great for navigation (hence the variable name) but useless for broken
filenames, as discusses above.

If the existance, function / implementation of this variable is dependant on
other changes then so be it, we'll have to wait for 1.17. But if can be
implemented with a few line changes in 1.16 that would be a great help.

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