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--- Comment #2 from Leinad <> 2010-08-23 17:18:50 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Message re-use is usually discouraged, and in the case of vector it makes
> sense, as the visual context and space constraints are unique to Vector, and
> should not be assumed to be the same as other skins.

Please, do not be lazy... Let's be practical, not bureaucratic. Wikimedia users
not only use Vector, but also other skins.

What is the difference between:
* [[MediaWiki:Vector-namespace-main]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-main]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-category]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-category]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-help]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-help]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-image]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-image]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-media]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-media]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-mediawiki]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-mediawiki]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-project]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-project]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-special]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-special]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-template]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-template]]
* [[MediaWiki:vector-namespace-user]] and [[MediaWiki:Nstab-user]]

Answer: Nothing(!) Both messages will *alwyas* have the same text.

> The software on is smart enough to be able to use the qqq
> messages that indicate the message is similar to another (when appropriate) so
> that it's not the same amount of effort to translate the second message once
> the first has been done. Often the difference is brevity or more strictly 
> using
> verbs for the right-side tabs.

I said about modifying messages locally where admins do not know that exist
extra messages for Vector. Admins of projects do not see qqq messages.

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