--- Comment #1 from Philippe Verdy <> 2010-08-25 22:39:08 UTC 
Note that the same feature was also used since long to also cat├ęgorize (in a
hidden maintenance category) those redirected categories that still contains

This means that it is no longer possible to maintain non-empty redirected
categories: ALL these redirected categories have to be visited systematically
each time now to check if they have content and see which pages listed there
need to be edited. This is a huge problem for major wikis that have lots of
categories, whose structure is not evident and is progressively tuned according
to the contents found. Many of these categories may have synonyms, so there
will be many redirected categories.

Being able to NOT loose the link between the redirected category and the target
category is important for maintaining the pages they contain, however these
pages will all be within an orphaned category (or only a category listed in a
generic category listing ALL redirected categories.)

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