--- Comment #1 from Siebrand <> 2010-08-26 22:23:47 UTC ---
The reason is that WMF is running MediaWiki branch wmf/1.16wmf4 [1] (r64689)
based on REL1_16 which is based on trunk r62818. Only critical fixes and WMF
'self development' is updated (that's still hundreds of changesets, but few
core features have been added). Because WMF runs LocalisationUpdate, luckily
most translation updates are automagically inserted into the Wikimedia wikis,
but changes and additions to special page aliases, namespace names, magic words
and other MessagesXx.php settings than $messages are not updated.

In essence WMF runs MediaWiki 1.16 release which is based on r62818 (February
22, 2010). MediaWiki trunk is now at r71756 (almost 9,000 changesets more

It will be resolved when WMF deploys a more recent version, which depends on
code review capacity within the WMF (which is (too) low at the moment).

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