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MediaWiki-side patch

(discussion which resulted in filing the bug:

I have written the first patch, i.e. the one on MediaWiki core side. 

The autopromotion can be now done like: 
$wgHooks['ArticleSaveComplete'][] = array (
    array( 'somegroup' => array(APCOND_EDITCOUNT, 100) )

The format of conditions is the same as $wgAutopromote. The differences are:
* The group can be removed from a user via Special:UserRights. 
* The user is not autopromoted to the groups he/she has once belonged to. 
* The user won't lose the group automatically if he/she no longer meets the
* The Autopromote::autopromoteOnceHook() function can be assigned to any hook
so autopromotion is "only checked on certain events". The function simply calls
a new method User::autopromoteOnce() on $wgUser so if there's such need a
custom function may be written. 

My autopromotion mechanism is separate from $wgAutopromote, though it uses the
same format of conditions.

And I had to create a new database table: user_former_groups. It's actually a
clone of user_groups but stores the groups the user has once belonged to, not
necessarily belongs now. 

I haven't tested if the table is created properly on anything different then
MySQL (though it should work on sqlite and postgres because it's actually
copy-pasted user_groups).

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