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Two suggestions that would address this:

(1) Apply the account creation limit only to accounts created anonymously, or
raise the limit for accounts created by registered users.

Accounts created by registered users while logged-in are attributed to that
user in the log, so it is easy for any administrator to see who is responsible
for a bulk creation, to block them if it is obviously malicious, and to block
all their accounts if one starts misbehaving. With anonymously-created
accounts, the creator is not identified, so a checkuser is needed and even they
are limited in what they can do.

(2) Implement the feature described in bug 16574 (which I filed in 2008).

This would allow administrators to temporarily disable the account creation
limit on a single IP address.


@comment 4: p858snake, the account creator user right as it is currently used
is not a solution to this, at least on en.wikipedia.

The right is ONLY available there to the group that uses the private toolserver
"request an account" interface[1] to handle accounts requests. It is a
requirement to have experience with that interface before the account creator
right is assigned, and it is explicitly not given out for any other purpose,
such as creating accounts for classroom or event use. And yes, bulk account
requests through the "request an account" interface itself are denied too,
indeed they are a good way to get your IP address banned. It doesn't help that
the user account policy also discourages creating accounts in this way.


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