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Hi Gurch,

Thanks for taking the time to report some problems you've had with
LiquidThreads. Happily, you've caught me at a time when I'm able to work on
most of them, so hopefully you'll see some improvement in the next few days.

This bug talks about a large number of issues, and so I've closed this bug, and
for each issue I've either opened a new bug, or pointed you to the existing
bug. I'm going to add you to the CC list for each one, so that you know what's
going on.

> * One of the threads has "-1165" replies.

This is bug 21058, which I intend to work on in the next few days.

> * In their collapsed state, threads are displayed completely wrongly. As a
> small example, this thread:
>   - Gazeb 10:19, 3 September 2010
>      - MaxSem 19:21, 4 September 2010
>         - Gazeb 05:22, 5 September 2010
> is displayed like this:
>   - Gazeb 10:19, 3 September 2010
>      - MaxSem 19:21, 4 September 2010
>         - Gazeb 05:22, 5 September 2010
>      - Gazeb 05:22, 5 September 2010
> This problem of lower-level posts repeating themselves when collapsed gets
> worse the longer the thread, making collapsed view for large threads unusable.
> A thread with 6 posts each replying to the last shows *32* items in collapsed
> view.

Thanks for reporting this, I'll pass this on to Adam, who wrote that
functionality. It's been filed as bug 25072.

> * Internal errors left, right and center. Here's an example:

I'm currently working with the TranslateWiki people to root some of these out.

> * For a given, small, amount of conversation the amount of scrolling required
> has gone up 2-3 times. For a given *large* amount of conversation the amount 
> of
> scrolling pales next to the need to repeatedly hit "next" and wait for pages 
> to
> load. Both of these are big usability hits.

There's naturally a trade-off between having to scroll and not being able to
scan a conversation. In LiquidThreads, I think we'd all like to make that
trade-off a little further towards scannability than the existing discussion

With that said, there is certainly some scope to do better — the disclosure
indicators, for example, are unnecessarily taking up large amounts of vertical
space, and need to be floated. I think we can probably play with the amount of
padding that the boxes have, too.

Filed as bug 25073.

> * The interface is ugly, doesn't integrate well with any MediaWiki skin in
> common use, and outright clashes with some of them.

As others have pointed out, there is an ongoing redesign in progress. I'd
recommend that you make comments on the appearance on the discussion page for
that redesign.

> * If you collapse a thread, the title disappears and is not shown anywhere. So
> you can see all the replyers and timestamps, but not *which thread it is*.
> Collapsing more than one thread at a time thus leads to an incoherent mess.

I've noticed this bug myself, and had already passed it on to Adam. Now bug

> * When collapsed, you can click on the usernames in the signatures of posts 
> but
> you can't actually *go to that post*. To do that, you have to un-collapse the
> thread and then scroll down to find the post. This makes collapsed view even
> more useless.

That's an interesting idea! Thanks, I'll pass it on. Now bug 25075.

> * If a thread loads with just the first post, and "Show X replies" underneath,
> and you click to show those replies, then collapse it, it claims there's only 
> 1
> post.

Unable to reproduce, can you give a URL?

> * Watching is broken: you can only watch individual threads, you can't watch
> the page for new threads, like you would do with any normal talk page.

Yes you can, but apparently the chrome for this has disappeared. Now bug 25076

> * Any bot that interacted with talk pages is now broken.

Yes, sadly that's the price of not starting with a future-proof system. I
believe that there is now (or will soon be) an API module that allows you to
leave a message on a discussion page, regardless of what discussion system is
being used.

> * Thread history view has a "comment" column. Since you can't add a comment,
> every entry in this column is "Reply to <thread title>".

On my to-discuss list for the upcoming design meeting.

> * Go to and click the "Thread" tab at 
> the
> top of the page. You'd expect it to take you to the same page, like that tab
> does for everything else. Instead you're taken to a seemingly random thread
> somewhere on that page. It isn't even the same one each time.

I noticed this one today, it seems to be recent. I was actually looking into it
when I got this message. Filed as bug 25077.

> * Completely non-functional "Thread talk" namespace.

There by design. Not causing any harm.

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