--- Comment #62 from Aryeh Gregor <> 2010-09-06 
18:18:03 UTC ---
Wikimedia is way behind on code updates.  There's no guarantee on when
Wikipedia will see the features, but they're fixed in trunk -- which means
there's no more development work to do, so there's no purpose for the bug to
remain open.  The fix is done, it just has to be deployed, which will happen
along with all the other tens of thousands of revisions that aren't live yet.

It might not go live for months to come, who knows.  The last full scap was
around r64689, and that was based on REL1_16, which was based on r62818 of
trunk.  That was in February.  The revision numbers don't tell you what's live,
as Derk-Jan points out, since Wikimedia is using the wmf branch of the code,
not trunk.  I only gave the revision number so it would produce a commit link.

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