--- Comment #18 from James <> 2010-09-07 23:11:13 UTC ---
Looked into this further today, and my current issue seems to be with the
constructor for the FCKeditorSkin class.

It's defined in FCKeditorSkin.body.php:

    function __construct( &$skin ) {
        $this->skin = $skin;

I changed the function definition to the following, and it seems to work for me

function __construct( $skin ) {


I just reviewed the new instructions at
There were some changes made since I had originally followed them at the
beginning of last month.  Most notably, the note regarding the MW extension
being forked from the upstream version at:

This bug seems very old, but is still appearing in current source from
upstream... it's strange they still haven't fixed this one, because it's a
showstopper (at least for the MW extension).

I think it would be ideal if we could port these changes back upstream in order
to avoid confusion arising from installing this extension from different
sources, and so upstream can benefit too.

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