--- Comment #1 from James <> 2010-09-09 22:57:52 UTC ---
I can verify this bug in MW 1.16 and PHP 5.3.2.  The work-around here looks
like it fixes the immediate problem, but I'm wondering why FCKeditor should
even be included in command line mode?

I think a better solution would be to avoid even loading the extension if
$wgCommandLineMode is set.  I've added the following to the top of my
extensions\FCKeditor\FCKeditor.php file:

// There is no real reason for FCKeditor to run in commandline mode!
// This avoids breakage of scripts like dumpBackup.php
if ( isset($wgCommandLineMode) && $wgCommandLineMode )
    return; // Simply return from the include, so no FCKeditor code is run

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