--- Comment #4 from Bawolff <> 2010-09-12 20:20:20 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> I suspect introducing something like this will break existing stuff and 
> require
> a lot of work when a template really is renamed.
> Suppose you have this Template A situation and Template B redirects to A. Now
> you wanna move or rename A to "C", you'd have to do a lot of work because all
> existing transclusions still call "A".
> Redirects are redirects, should not change behaviour. One can use an extra
> parameter for that.
> ie. {{Template|this}} or {{Template|that}}, or {{Redirect|that}}.

I don't really think so. Currently {{{0}}} isn't used for anything, so it
cannot possibly break existing stuff (unless someone puts a {{{0}}} in the page
just because. I highly doubt anyone is doing that.). If a template was
re-named, it might require some changes (assuming its not a meta-template,
depending at what depth the {{{0}}} is processed. I assumed {{{0}}} = name of
initial template used regardless of the depth at which the {{{0}}} is placed,
but the request is ambiguous) but the template author should be aware of the
potential of moving the page before using the feature.

OTOH, I don't really see a convincing example where this would make things
easier. But it would be cool.

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