--- Comment #6 from Monomium <> 2010-09-15 22:50:06 UTC ---
This really isn't that difficult. Could you link to that extension?

*In my opinion, this is a simple matter of connecting to IRC and adding a tab.
*Wikinews added an opinions tab; this can't be that difficult.
*This really is a community decision, not a developer decision.
*Who told you it was "random chit-chat" was the only use?

(In reply to comment #5)
> There's already IRC. There's even an extension that allows to use it from
> on-wiki interface. Therefore, adding yet another method of chat would result 
> in
> multiplying entities beyond necessity. Don't forget that all means of
> communication in 
> MediaWiki is there to achieve one goal: collaboration, not random chit-chat.
> And real-time chatting is much less convenient for that exact purpose.
> Not a snowball's chance in hell that we'll ever implement it.

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