--- Comment #2 from FT2 <> 2010-09-17 14:37:36 UTC ---
I previously added bug 23788 for an almost identical request:

Revision size and revision bytes change are _both_ extremely useful, giving a
good "quick idea" of a page's history or a user's pattern of contributing,
especially on talk pages where size change helps to visually identify
reductions in page size, often signs of vandalism, removal of comments,
archiving, etc which are of interest.

I'd like to see page size as SIZE bytes (+/-CHANGE) on both contribs and
history. A revision that is 10000 bytes in size and a reduction of 100 bytes
from the previous revision would be shown as 10000 bytes (-100) with the -100
in bold red for visual ease. 

Also some kind of higher visibility tag, like a symbol next to the byte field,
for larger additions/removals (say > 400 bytes?). It can be useful to quickly
see the key points in a talk or project page history where significant
additions or removals happened, and in a user's contributions which edits were
of that kind.

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