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> (In reply to comment #0)
> > The community of Bashkir Wikipedia ( has decided 
> > that
> > the the language name used in the interwikis linking to the Bashkir-language
> > versions of the articles should be Башҡортса (not Башҡорт as it is now).
> What is the difference in meaning between those two forms? Is the new form
> suitable also in other contexts, like language selection on user preferences?

Башҡорт literally means 'Bashkir', stands for 'in Bashkir' (much the same way
as Azərbaycan vs Azərbaycanca). The 2nd form is more suitable when the language
is meant. This form is e.g. used in the official site of Bashkortostan Republic
Authority. Meanwhile Башҡорт can stand for the nation, anything related to it
and anything related to Bashkortostan Republic. So, Башҡортса is really more

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