--- Comment #12 from Purodha Blissenbach <> 
2010-09-23 20:34:37 UTC ---
Encountered another problem: We have some partial localisations, that heavily
depend on their respective fallbacks, without which they were incomplete. These
are several "xzz-formal" ones where only those messages are translated that
directly address users, overriding informal/familiar/direct wording with
formal/respectful/polite wording, and "arz" which localizes only those
Egypt-spoken-Arabic having computerese terms and/or being different from "ar",
the common macrolanguage standard Arabic ones. These fallback languages have to
be consulted *before* user-set fallback chains are being checked.

What if, for each language, we specify a fallback chain including the point
where a user-specified chain is to be inserted, if any?

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