--- Comment #1 from Ariel T. Glenn <> 2010-09-25 21:25:15 
UTC ---
I would like this for another reason; I would like to see it used to compare
the stub text revision in the file with the one we get from the db.  This could
make sure that the stuff on disk doesn't wind up silently corrupted and then
carried forward in its corrupted state forever (or until someone stumbles
across the problem).

However... These sums have to be computed at some point, and that's going to
slow the dumps down considerably.  For my usage case we would want the md5sum
in the revision metadata somewhere (maybe too slow to do that at each page
revision save?)  

We would not be able to generate the MD5 sums for the stub dumps in any case;
we wouldn't know them in advance of reading the text, unless they were added to
the revision table someplace, in which case see the above.

I'm probably missing something, so feel free to get into technical details of
what folks want and how it could work in practice.

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