--- Comment #7 from Rob Lanphier <> 2010-09-27 21:36:01 UTC 
Hi Leinad, I know you're trying to reach a compromise.  It sounds like the
Polish Wikipedia community has very different expectations surrounding how this
feature should work than the English Wikipedia community does.

As I said before, we really don't want to make this an option for the November
release.  The reason is that I believe it's going to take an actual deployment
of the feature to have an informed and inclusive conversation about what
options should exist for the feature.

One thing we have tentatively planned after November is a fork of this
extension into two:  a "Pending Changes" variant where we strip away a lot of
the complexity in the current codebase, and a "FlaggedRevs" version which is a
continuation of the existing version.  Once we do that, we'll be in a better
place to actually talk about making this optional.

That said, I'm not sure making it optional is really the right thing to do. 
One reason why the code we have is so complicated is because we have so many
options.  Hence, there still will probably be resistance after November to
adding a new option, but it may be the case that the FlaggedRevs fork can
actually carry the default that you would like to see.

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