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> Would you care to elaborate on the snarky comment?

It's not snarky. I don't think it's particularly reasonable to require people
implementing these banners to have a working knowledge of JavaScript. I think
that requiring people to learn and use JavaScript is going to needlessly
complicate these banners. Worse than requiring people to learn how to operate
<script> tags, you're suggesting that they understand the semantics of
<noscript> as well. This is ugly and hackish.

It might be possible to include some sort of wrapper function, either in PHP or
JavaScript, that makes this less painful. I'm not really sure how feasible that
is, though if you were going to do that, you may as well just implement
wikitext, because it's already at least understood by the people who work with
these banners.

As someone who has worked with these templates/banners/etc. in the past, even
relatively simple code quickly becomes mangled and broken as these templates
are duplicated and modified.

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