--- Comment #2 from Roan Kattouw <> 2010-09-29 16:40:09 
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(In reply to comment #1)
> Maybe you could help me understand the use case for this. I am personally
> opposed to adding unnecessary complexity and configuration to software, so if
> there's not a strong use case for it, that constitutes a strong argument
> against it.
> I am also against the changes that have been made to JSMin.php recently which
> remove all white-space except for new lines (horizontal only, as you are
> calling it here).
> My argument is that there should be 2 modes, debug off and debug on.
> * Debug off should be as high performance as possible (stripping every
> non-critical character, combining when appropriate, gzip compressed, etc.)
> * Debug on should be as easy for developers as possible (keeping line and
> character offsets accurate, never combining, etc.)
> Anything between these two extremes will neither server production nor
> development well enough to have any value.
I totally agree with this entire comment.

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