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(In reply to comment #8)
> {{localurl}} won't work in CentralNotice banners since they don't actually 
> live
> on the local wiki, but on meta, and are pulled dynamically via a JSONP 
> request.
> {{SITENAME}} wouldn't work either, except that it's specifically hacked in.
> One workaround would be to use Javascript in the banner to test for
> wgServer=""; and adjust the URL accordingly.

I'm not sure how this is a WONTFIX. "WONTFIX" means "we're never, ever going to
fix this, so stop asking." It seems reasonable that if Wikimedia is going to
offer a secure server and if Wikimedia is going to add banners to every page,
it should include links that don't needlessly leave the secure server.

An alternate suggestion might be to disable the banners entirely on the secure
server. ;-)  Even implementing this (sillier) solution wouldn't resolve this
bug properly, though. I'm not sure why or how a determination has been made
that it's never going to be fixed.

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