--- Comment #2 from Brion Vibber <> 2010-10-03 20:28:45 UTC ---
Probably killable, especially if we've got good alternate directions for
upgrading from a pre-1.5 install using 8-bit charset.

Its original purpose was to do two things:

* perform an "online" upgrade while the 1.4 setup continued to run in read-only
mode, needed since updating the large Wikipedia sites took a long time

* provide an upgrade path for 1.4 installs using 8-bit charsets (does
reencoding of titles, comments, filenames etc, leaving the flags compatibility
markers so text entries get recoded on the fly when loaded) -- needed since
en.wikipedia and some of the other European languages were still on Latin-1 at
that point.

It's unlikely that Wikipedia-size 1.4 installs still remain in large quantity,
and if there are that's their problem. ;)

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