--- Comment #5 from Brion Vibber <> 2010-10-04 19:38:43 UTC ---
Was asked to chime in with some background detail on this topic; a few items
off the top of my head that'd need poking:

* if not changing DB name, may need to trace down various things making
assumptions about dbname <-> key/language/subdomain
* if changing DB name, need to make sure anything using the dbname as a key for
shared data like CentralAuth is either transitioned or isn't harmed by the
* need to make sure interwiki keys / entries are kept or forwarded
* need to make sure hostnames forward correctly (from MW config or does this
need loving in the web server config?)
* if keeping old DB location, may need to force cache clear of everything with
full URLs etc
* if changing DB name, need to either make sure the versions of MySQL in use
support renaming databases (and confirm this doesn't have any replication
problems) or that the process of moving tables from one DB to another doesn't
* if changing dbname, check also for things that key on dbname *outside* of
mediawiki itself, such as global config files, assignment of dbname <->
cluster, etc

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