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> Since Title has two functions, I though we could have two magic words as well.
> One possibility was to map {{localurl:}} with Title::getLinkUrl()  instead of
> Title::getLocalURL(), but that looks weird and inconsistent.

I think you should re-read the opening post. :-)

"{{localurl:User:Bob#section}}" returns "/wiki/User:Bob". This is wrong. This
is the bug. Instead, "{{localurl:User:Bob#section}}" should return
"/wiki/User:Bob#section", just like {{fullurl:}} does currently. (And
"{{localurl:User:Bob#section|action=edit}}" should return

I can't see any reason {{localurl:}} would intentionally strip the section

If there are use-cases for other magic words, I think they should be the topic
of other bugs. This one is about {{localurl:}} stripping the section anchor
needlessly and unexpectedly.

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