--- Comment #18 from Rob Lanphier <> 2010-10-06 20:22:28 UTC 
I just posted to the mediawiki-api list about this:

Skipping the intro:

> In talking to Sam this morning about this, a couple things became clear:
> 1.  This requires action=parse, which is already on the list of APIs
> that generate healthy load
> 2.  While this move should be net-neutral in CPU load, it does shift
> the load from general purpose Apaches to the API servers, the latter
> of which are more heavily loaded

> Additionally, it's theoretically possible that this will actually
> generate more load, since it'll be easier for people to skim the
> history, unintentionally generating lots of (never completed) API
> calls.

> How big of a problem is this?

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