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> > [21:19:26] <^demon> See, I consider Oracle semi-functional.
> > [21:19:29] <^demon> It mostly works.
> My main interest is testing my code against those dbs that are considered
> officially supported. So, if there is a list of these (which, I suppose would
> depend on the release), then I will use it and stop testing against the 
> others.

I answered this (and I think other) questions in
back in September. As far as I'm concerned, the ones worth testing and
maintaining right now are:

mySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle.

Until DB2 and MSSQL finish their DatabaseBase subclasses and generally work
(I'm aware that Postgres and Oracle still fail on some edge cases, but their
completeness is far beyond the other two here), I don't see any need to test
them and even less need to include them in the installer and advertise their

The one caveat is: while Oracle does have a working schema, DatabaseBase class
and (almost complete) new installer code, the maintainer hasn't been writing
patches to upgrade the database, so support is not complete and should NOT be
recommended outside of development environments.

DB2 and MSSQL have code in the old installer, which may or may not work. In
either case, it's not getting fixed at this point. The old installer is dead.

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