Summary: Message MediaWiki:coll-load_local_book has several
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: any
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Normal
         Component: Collection

Message coll-load_local_book should be using {int:}} on "Ok" and "Cancel"
so as to get the correctly localized versions of either string. If that is not
possible, it should document (in the /qqq pseudo-language space) where these
are localized so as to allow translators to use consistent wording. If these
strings cannot be localized, also this needs to be documented so as to tell
translators not to translate them.

The message needs to use PLURAL on %NUMPAGES%. See
why the idea that you rarely have colloctions of one page only does not
make PLURAL avoidable.

It would be better to use normal MediaWiki style substitutions ($1, $2, ...)
instead of special ones like %TITLE% and %NUMPAGES%.

Trying to make all these requierd changes or additons, I found the source
code using this message somewhat unreadable since it embeds the message
into something looking like JavaScript to me without giving a clue where
the parameters come from. I am not a user of the extension Collection,
I am only a translator. but this one appears to me a quite central message.
If the extension is meant for broad public use - why else would its messages
be translated? - then I suggest that to rethink this. While it is permissible
to have Javascript on secure sites, you cannot use it safely elsewhere, and
you must permit users not to accept JavaScript of which they have no way to
know that a true copy of what a host has sent arrived on their clients, 
That is, you can use JavaScript for non-essentials that are nice to have,
but you cannot rely on JavaScript to function on the clients side, leave
alone that there are browsers and environments that just cannot run them.
Putting required functionality into JavaScript thus is just insane; and
by the way, is always unnecessary.

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