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--- Comment #3 from MZMcBride <> 2010-10-09 17:21:38 UTC ---
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> Any particualr reason this is needed? Consistency is good, but since we're not
> going to drop the back-compatible syntax, we'll be stuck with two alternative
> syntaxes forever. This is misleading.

I don't have any objection to the idea in principle. The idea that a "#"
followed by a magic word at the beginning of a page will produce a magic result
is pretty arcane and senseless. Changing the syntax to something like
{{#redirect:}} has plenty of merit in my mind.

Broadly, I think it would make sense to take a holistic approach rather than an
incremental approach here, however. That is, if there are going to be (somewhat
major) changes to syntax, they should be planned so that they can be consistent
and sensible. For example, changing all magic words to be able to start with
"#" (the subject of another bug). And it would be wise to look at other parts
of wiki-syntax that could use improvement.

On the whole, I'd say this bug is worthy of further consideration.

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