--- Comment #8 from Philippe Verdy <> 2010-10-10 13:11:51 UTC 
Another note: the Template:Str_left that has this inherent bug of {{padleft:}}
is used in English Wikiepdia in thousands of templates (notably stub templates
and in almost all infoboxes), so this bug can affect really a LOT of pages
(probably hundreds of thousands pags, in cluding many talk pages and project

The reason for this frequence is that those templates frequently use
"Template:Str_trim" to trim spaces within their parameters, using a very costly

This also explains why so many English Wikipedia are SOOOOO LONG to render when
they are edited. This bug, and the absence of a lightweight support for basic
string functions is a SEVERE performance problem for Wikipedia, where the
English version is consuming REALLY too much CPU and memory ressources.

I even suspect that this is one of the frequent crashes or non responsive sites
(and it affects all other Wikimeia projects that DON'T use these template
hacks), and this is also affecting the speed of navigation in all sites.

Please consider providing TRUE basic string functions that will no longer need
those very costly template hacks.

One of those missing functions is {{#trim:text}} that is needed to trim the
leading and trailing whitespaces in positional template parameters (that are
not passed by name), and which uses instead those very costly template hacks to
extract characters at specific positions, just to condionally rebuild a string
from these characters (this is very often recursively applied across templates
and embedded subtemplates.)

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