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Well, that is actually useful in some cases (for example when dealing with some
variations of a word - like plurals, verb conjugation, etc...), so ideally both
approaches would be desirable:
1. The current "forwards maximum match algorithm", which doesn't consider word
dividers; This is useful to enable us to use just "accident => acident" instead
of all these (and others):
# accidentada => acidentada
# accidentado => acidentado
# accidentados => acidentados
# accidentais => acidentais
# accidental => acidental
# accidentalmente => acidentalmente
# accidente => acidente
# accidentes => acidentes
# ...

2. A way to additionally define rules which are matched only when surrounded by
word boundaries. This would give us the possibility to use "ação => acção"
without having to set every combination of the string "ação" with other letters
which could form new words, as in
* ação => acção
** coração => coração
** relação => relação
** situação => situação
** ...

Anyway, this isn't really what this bug is about (I should probably create
another one about this).

Here I'm reporting the need of a way to enable the conversion per page. Besides
the possible use at Wikisources, this would also be an option to give some way
for editors from Portuguese Wikipedia to test the system before implementing it
there. The other alternative I've asked about is to add the LanguageConverter
to some prototype wiki where we can experiment with it, but it seems from
that the bug 18958 makes this impossible at the moment (although I didn't
understand what exactly can not be disabled using $wgDisableLangConversion)

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