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> After
> that you go on and talk about various possibly related things that bring
> nothing useful to this conversation. It annoys me a lot and it is definitely
> *not* *helping* to get this bug fixed. Please think about that.

That's because you think it can't be done and reject all possible solutions
that I am discussing the alternatives. But my initial proposal was the
simplest, and the less costly.

{{UILANGCODE}} is not so ugly. It already does what you want: accessing the
user's preferred language (which can also be overriden by reloading the page
with "?lang=" query string in the URL. This already works extensively on
Commons (not just, and the {{int:}} syntax (which also
accesses to the same variable internally) is also working very well since quite
a long now.

That's why a simply template can be built to format dates according to user's
UI. I am already discussing these because this really helps to have this bug
fixed, only to convince you that the solution is simple and will easily
deployed, inclusing on small third-party wikis that only support a single
language (the content of the template will be part of the other translatable

For example the minimum deployment for supporting
{{int:date-time|yyyy|mm|dd|hh|mm|ss}} will be this very basic code:


Then replace only the "c" with the default format for the language of the wiki,
such as "d F Y H:i:s".

If you want to take into account the user's language, use something like:

|en-US={{MONTHNAME|2}}}, {{{1}}} {{{3}}} {{#time:h:i:s
a|{{{4}}}:{{{5}}}:{{{6}}}}} (UTC)

(extend it on each wiki for the list of locale formats you want to support, by
just modifying this protected template ; no need to upgrade MediaWiki each time
or to restart it with an updated PHP hook code).

But if you want a specific builtin parser function, why not, as long as it will
allow the same localizations according to reader's UI preferred locale (and to
the lang= query parameter in the URL to override it), and as long as pages
won't be saved with a static (and not reliably parsable) preformatting.

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