--- Comment #4 from Michael Dale <> 2010-10-19 17:24:18 UTC ---
Right but you probably don't want to stat all resources in every request. Just
run the stat call once responding to a resource loader request for the
requested resources ( ie right before you read the file, where it will
subsequently run stat anyway  ) 

You should add some basic way to have resource loader response to pass down
errors or exceptions to javascript. ( ie when outputting a script response and
you have an error or exception you should represent that. I previously wrapped
errors and used a console.log call, rather than the php html errors that break
the javascript processing ) 

This way if one file is missing the error hits the console but the rest of the
javascript does not break. 

Furthermore you should treat "error" responses as if "debug" was on. So that
the response is not cached.

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