--- Comment #5 from Ryan Kaldari <> 2010-10-19 18:26:25 
UTC ---
The URL isn't actually a link in this case. It's a javascript string that gets
conditionally used as the form action. Obviously we could move this out of
wikitext, but since these URLs get changed frequently, it's convenient to be
able to edit it without a code deploy.

I agree the semicolon solution is potentially dangerous. Any thoughts on the
2nd proposed solution? Handling escaped ampersands in query strings is pretty
common these days. This site (Wikimedia Bugzilla), for example, handles them
fine, as do most other large websites I've worked for.

Since we have workarounds, I'm fine with WONTFIX or INVALID, but I'm wondering
if there's any downside to the adding the proposed fix.

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