Summary: Example phone number displaying in edit box but not in
           Product: MediaWiki
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Normal
         Component: Page rendering

Not sure whether this is mediawiki or a wikipedia fault, or something with my
browser, but it warrants looking into.

In at least this case, a UK-formatted phone number (example number, not valid
to call) can be typed into the page edit box, and will persist between edits,
but not show up on the article mainpage. At least, not after the page is
loaded. It will appear briefly, before vanishing. Having blocked
by NoScript prevents it from appearing at all. All other text on the page,
including that immediately around the number, and other number blocks
(including some superficially similar to the vanishing one) display correctly.

For further detail, a copy and paste of my entry on the wikipedia help request

Go to UK telephone code misconceptions and check the earlier revision before I
started my long string of edits, trying to work out what the "strange" effect
was. Note that the phone number I keep changing between revisions displays
briefly whilst the page loads, but then disappears. Yes, that's right, stuff
written otherwise in plain text in the edit box does not display on the
article. Or at least, it doesn't on my system.

I'm using Firefox 3.6.11 under Windows, with NoScript and little else. What I'd
think is a reasonably normal setup. At first, it didn't display at all, but
when I allowed as well as wikipedia itself, the brief initial
appearance manifested. So it may be reasonable to assume something's not quite
right with wikimedia... but why is it getting involved with a data string
that's nothing more than 34 ASCII characters? (11 numbers, 2 parentheses, 2 non
breaking spaces and a bold/unbold tag pair, if all's gone to plan)

The wierdest thing is that no other number on the page is (as far as I can
easily tell) affected, including other similar ones. Only that one, in that
position, under certain conditions, as seen during the edit series (all
annotated in the page history). Which sort of rules out any general "phone
number ban" policy or a general purpose highlighter going wrong. Something in
that peculiar arrangement of characters is glitching the server's database
parsing and html-forming routines (I haven't actually scanned the output html,
didn't have time) and making it "hide" the number somehow.

This could be an entirely isolated incident, or indicative of a problem that
may manifest and hide other phone, or phone-like numbers on different pages,
and possibly even be a security weakness.

Or, is there just some tag I have to put around those kinds of numbers in order
to mark them as "do not hide"? They're not real ones, after all - they're
equivalent to american "555" dummy numbers and only in there for example
purposes. Not being used for promotional purposes or anything.


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