--- Comment #3 from Krinkle <> 2010-10-22 15:21:12 UTC ---
Due to the content being deleted, the page name should only be visible if the
current user is a sysop.
In that case the pagetitle can be queried from the 'archive' table by checking
with ar_rev_id and/or ar_page_id.

Whenever available the data from where ar_rev_id is "diff" should be gotten,
instead of where ar_rev_id equals "oldid", since the page name could've been
changed between the two.

Also, a bit, but not much, more complicated would be url's that (only) have
"curid" specified.
WHERE ar_page_id=$wgRequest['curid'] ORDER BY ar_timestamp DESC would return
the latest known revisio and thus the ar_title.

I'm not sure but I guess the "deletion / protection log" excerpt that is
usually shown on deleted pages, can then be shown aswell.

ie. to make 

all show the same as: ,
if the current user has the appropiate undelete-related permissions.

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