--- Comment #4 from 2010-10-24 02:56:16 UTC ---
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Please make sure that both getText.php and edit.php are equally
documented in their source code comments: either strip the example from
one or add it to the other.

I suppose we are to poke around the wiki for where the maintenance
commands are documented these days. It would be nice if the URL was
embedded in the source, but everybody will remember to look there anyway
I suppose, so I suppose never mind.

As far as hoping commands have --help options: works until one day you
find one that says '--help: no such file or directory' and proceeds to
mow through your filesystem...

As far as running commands with no options to hope they will tell you
how to use them: Bad habit. One day you will find that some programs are
not that fancy and just proceed to do things. One day it will happen to

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