--- Comment #3 from tahrey <> 2010-10-25 22:33:55 UTC ---
Roan: Now I'm viewing it on my home machine, it looks fine also.

Bawolff: Could be. I wouldn't be able to tell you if the (workplace) PC I was
viewing/editing on originally had it installed at the time, but it *may* have
had Skype installed at some point, possibly with browser integration. It
wouldn't have been anything but whatever comes with the STANDARD Skype package
however - no third party or otherwise explicitly downloaded apps, just the
default install options.

In which case, as Skype users aren't exactly so niche a market (and most will
go for the default), and putting workarounds on pages doesn't seem to be an
option as - just as in this case - overeager edit-admins will just end up
reverting the pages back to the "broken" (but "correct" in terms of raw wiki
code) version, a fix still needs to be found.

Of course, a report needs to be made to the skype folks, should I check that PC
and find it DOES have Skype and/or the plugin still installed... but until they
isolate the problem, or should they be unable/unwilling to, is there any kind
of masking code that could be silently inserted into what the mediawiki server
pumps out? Some kind of fnord for the skype-plug's eyes only that stops it
erasing the number?

It's not exactly the same effect as the "begin skype number here" thing either.
Instead of adding lines of obvious spurious code, it's silently deleting
numbers off otherwise normal webpages.

What I found after all was that the right combination of other characters
surrounding the number could nullify the effect. Now, if that was possible
without the end user seeing it...? Or even marking the page in some way that
makes the plugin ignore it entirely and leave it the hell alone?

Cheers, T

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