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--- Comment #2 from Krinkle <> 2010-10-29 12:37:27 UTC ---
Number 3 sounds good to me aswell. Just like the pagename/filename isn't inside
the wikitext. Things like author and license information (and categories too
actually, but that's a different story) make sense to be stored seperately.

Advantage of keeping it outside of wikitext is also that history of the
page-text will stay cleaner and changing or renaming a license is a lot easier
since they'd be stored as id's instead of template links.
I'd guess things like licenses would then be stored in the License:-namespace
or in [MediaWiki:License-<id>-descr] and [MediaWiki:License-<id>-content],
which may or may not contain a template.

This is also related to the UsabilityInitiative I think. One of their ideas
(not sure if it's choosen as "the plan") was to seperate this making it (the
license) into a dropdown when editing (just like when uploading it) - and that
licences not in the dropdown, can't be used. (ie. need to be added to it -
which makes sense)

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