--- Comment #16 from Platonides <> 2010-10-30 22:57:37 UTC 
> @timezones: no, the non-DateTime code uses gm*() which do not use timezones
> either, so this is actually correct
Even when the timezone was appended in the PHP? :)

Regarding duplication, I'd prefer to have it as an array of constants->formats
and then choose DateTime or gmtime() depending if it's available (' GMT'
appending makes is a bit trickier).

Another option would be to create a DateTime class for PHP < 5.1 to use as
fallback everywhere.

I looked at going to date_create() if gmmktime() returned false, but as
gmdate() internally casted the string to 32 bits int, the result was also

Also note you miss a second DateTimeZone() parameter to skip the PHP date

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