--- Comment #3 from Owltom <> 2010-11-02 02:23:52 UTC ---
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> What happens when you resize the page? Opera has strange reflow bugs, and
> ResourceLoader fiddles with the timing of resources being loaded.

The problem stays the same when I'm resizing the page (as expected, because
Opera doesn't receive a specific CSS).

In my second screenshot you see the computed style for the format

The rules for ".wikiEditor-ui-toolbar .group .label" are missing, which are:
border:0 none;
margin:2px 8px 2px 5px;

If I put those in [[Mediawiki:Vector.css]] everything (even when resizing)
seems fine.

I tested in Opera 10.63 (win & mac) and Opera 11alpha (win). It's the same. CSS
is missing.

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